Happy Brush Cleaner® is an effective yet eco-friendly soap which effortlessly removes Latex paints from brushes, rollers and other paint equipment. This powerful cleaner is shipped as a concentrate to be diluted with four parts of water giving you five times the cleaner for your money.


Allowing some soaking time, Happy Brush Cleaner® removes hardened paint from brushes, rollers, and even textiles. Paint disperses to the bottom, leaving clean soap on top to be reused saving lots of cleaner and fresh water.


Its non-hazardous and can be used indoors. HBC is the most people and eco-friendly product on the market. Happy Brush Cleaner® is a very strong degreaser capable of doing many cleaning chores, including surface preparation before paint application.

Happy Brush Cleaner Quart


Happy Brush Cleaner Gallon


In case of eye contact, flush for 15 minutes with plenty of water.
May Cause Serious Eye Irritation. | Keep out of reach of children. | Made in the USA.

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