Gentle on Brushes, TOUGH on Paints!

Great for Commercial, Residential, or Fine Art Painters.
Happy Brush Cleaner® is formulated to recondition while it cleans brushes and roller covers.


Happy Brush Cleaner is an effective yet Earth-Friendly, Biodegradable, Sustainable soap which is safe and harmless to the environment.


Happy Brush Cleaner was designed for painters as a safer alternative to traditional and harmful solvents and will not irritate skin.


With no harmful odors or fumes, Happy Brush Cleaner will effectively clean and gently recondition brushes and rinses out with plain water.


No more dizziness, headaches, drowsiness, nausea, fatigue, loss of concentration and respiratory irritation that can be caused by traditional cleaners.


Its non-hazardous and can be used indoors. Clean up on the job site. Save money; use the same batch over and over.


This powerful cleaner is shipped as a concentrate to be diluted with four parts of water giving you five times the cleaner for your money.

Cleans Paint Brushes Fast!

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How it works

We believe in our product first and foremost because it works and secondly because it helps remove waste from our environment. Cleaning with Happy Brush Cleaner® is fast and requires very little water. Happy Brush Cleaner® does not contain solvents and causes the paint to disperse to the bottom of the container. Given enough time, the water will evaporate and the paint remnants will dry making it possible to throw out the hardened paint in the trash.

Cleaning a paint brush in less than a minute

  1. Fill a container with some Happy Brush Cleaner.
  2. Add four parts of (warm) water.
  3. Scrape excess paint from the brush or other tool.
  4. Submerge tool in the cleaner.
  5. Agitate letting the cleaner disperse the paint
  6. Rinse with clean water.

Cleaning a paint roller in less than a minute

  1. Fill a container with some Happy Brush Cleaner.
  2. Add four parts of (warm) water.
  3. Scrape excess amounts of paint from the roller.
  4. Submerge roller and letting the cleaner soak into the fibers.
  5. Squeeze out the paint waste, then wash the roller-sleeve in clean water.
  6. If you use a brush spinning tool, which we recommend, do so inside a bucket to shield you from the paint/cleaner spinning from the tool.
  7. When cleaning by hand repeat steps #4 and #5 as needed.

In case of eye contact, flush for 15 minutes with plenty of water.
May Cause Serious Eye Irritation. | Keep out of reach of children. | Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

The good buzz from our happy customers is making our ears ring and we just had to share.

  • Incredible product for brush cleanup!!!!
    I hate to paint and I saw this product while looking for supplies to do a project around my home. I went to the paint store and was shown several products to clean the brushes and rollers and found them to be expensive. One the sales guys joking said he had seen this product and I should give it a try and let them know what I thought. Well, I can tell you how glad I was that I did. Not only is it far less expensive than other brush cleaning products it works fantastic. Unbelievable how well and how fast it works without much effort on your part. In addition, the brushes and rollers turn out soft and ready to be used again. WOW!! What and incredible product!!!

    JackAmazon Verified Purchase
  • Happy Brush Cleaner is a great product for cleaning all ...
    Happy Brush Cleaner is a great product for cleaning all my brushes and rollers after using latex based paints! I was excited about the easy of use and the results! This product will save me time and money on all my painting jobs, and I would definitely recommend.

    Amazon Customer
    Amazon CustomerAmazon Verified Purchase
  • Even cleans the paint off your skin with ease!
    Great product! Cleaned our brushes and rollers with ease and even cleaned the paint off our skin with ease!

    ez2bfreeAmazon Verified Purchase
  • FIVE STARS Works better than expected

    Amazon Customer
    Amazon CustomerAmazon Verified Purchase
  • Great Product! This product is amazing! The easiest cleanup I've ever had after painting. A customer for life with this product for sure!

    Amazon Customer
    Amazon CustomerAmazon Verified Purchase
  • Five Stars
    Great safe product that cleaned my brushes and rollers of all latex paint when I painted my bedrooms.

    Jonathan Robertson
    Jonathan RobertsonAmazon Verified Purchase
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