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Five times the cleaner for your buck.

We believe in our product first and foremost because it works and secondly because it helps remove waste from our environment.

We believe in our product because it easily and safely removes (dried) Latex paint. Cleaning your brushes, rollers and other equipment takes so little effort that quality tools can replace disposable tools. This allows you to work faster less dipping, more painting.

Cleaning with Happy Brush Cleaner® is fast and requires very little water. Happy Brush Cleaner® does not contain solvents and causes the paint to disperse to the bottom of the container. Given enough time, the water will evaporate and the paint remnants will dry making it possible to throw out the hardened paint in the trash.

Properly mixed Happy Brush Cleaner® is safe, does not evaporate or cause a fire or health risk. Happy Brush Cleaner® can safely be used indoors.

Happy Brush Cleaner® is free of solvents, allowing paint-waste to settle on the bottom of your container. The clear cleaner on top can be reused time and again, helping safe money and reduce waste. Given time, the settled paint-waste will dry and can be disposed of like other solid waste.

Works in Less Than a Minute!

Cleaning a paint brush in less than a minute

  1. Fill a container with some Happy Brush Cleaner.
  2. Add four parts of (warm) water.
  3. Scrape excess paint from the brush or other tool.
  4. Submerge tool in the cleaner.
  5. Agitate letting the cleaner disperse the paint
  6. Rinse with clean water.

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Cleaning a paint roller in less than a minute

  1. Fill a container with some Happy Brush Cleaner.
  2. Add four parts of (warm) water.
  3. Scrape excess amounts of paint from the roller.
  4. Submerge roller and letting the cleaner soak into the fibers.
  5. Squeeze out the paint waste, then wash the roller-sleeve in clean water.
  6. If you use a brush spinning tool, which we recommend, do so inside a bucket to shield you from the paint/cleaner spinning from the tool.
  7. When cleaning by hand repeat steps #4 and #5 as needed.

In case of eye contact, flush for 15 minutes with plenty of water.
May Cause Serious Eye Irritation. | Keep out of reach of children. | Made in the USA.

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