So, you spend your day covered in overalls, with sheets of plastic tarp spread around you. You work as efficiently as possible, knowing that you are paid by the job, live by your initial quote, and that time wasted cuts into your bottom line. The goal of the day is finishing as much as you can, as fast as you can, and leaving enough time to do the thorough clean-up before you leave a client’s home or business.

What if I told you that the last part, the hardest part of your day, could be less of a chore and save you valuable time.

Welcome to the world of Happy Brush Cleaner. This nifty gallon of concentrate that costs all of $19 on Amazon has proven to be a cost and time saver for painters everywhere. All you have to do is drop your brushes and rollers into a bucked of Happy Brush Cleaner mixed with four parts of water and leave them there for a while, letting Happy Brush Cleaner do your work for you. So while you are folding up your tarps, loading the ladders and putting away your other stuff, your brushes and roller sleeves are cleaning themselves! And the best part is…… one gallon of Happy Brush Cleaner costs less then the competitors, but get you five times more cleaner since the soap is heavily concentrated and should be mixed with water. All you need to do is immerse your tools in the soap-mix drive it home, when you arrive, your tools will only need a quick rinse before leaving them to dry. The washed-off paint disperses to the bottom of the bucked allowing you to re-use the soap mixture for even more cleaning. Happy Brush Cleaner is an exceptional and safe degreaser and can be used indoors to prepare surfaces for a new latex paint-layer.

I have found that Happy Brush Cleaner saves time by minimizing the “chore” of cleanup, and cutting down on cleaner costs. I always say a “successful” painter is a “happy” painter and Happy Brush Cleaner definitely helps with the Happy part. Purchase today on Amazon.

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